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“Non-formal learning is learning that has been acquired in addition or alternatively to formal learning. In some cases, it is also structured according to educational and training arrangements, but more flexible. It usually takes place in community-based settings, the workplace and through the activities of civil society organisations. Through the recognition, validation and accreditation process, non-formal learning can also lead to qualifications and other recognition" 

Why should you encourage your child to participate? 
When your child takes part in an activity, you are ensuring that your child develops his/her personality by: 
         (i) enriching own knowledge; 
         (ii) increasing the skills; 
         (iii) getting to know more about oneself; and 
         (iv) sharing ideas with others and make new friends. 

Guitar Lessons Malta is an accredited service provider, holding an SLC number.

LCM Exams

Students wishing to sit for the LCM exams will be properly prepared.

These are taken by those studying Classical Guitar

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RGT Exams

Students can also sit for RGT exams.

These exams are done with the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) which are accredited by the London College of Muisc Exams and by the University of West London.


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Systems of Knowledge Syllabus

Students at sixth form level may take guitar lessons as part of their SOK Project.

I sign for students the relevant papers after each lesson and guide them through the whole process.

I have been doing this for the last couple of years and I make sure that students take this seriously and show interest in what they are doing