Guitar Lessons:

classical, electric and bass guitar lessons; finger-style lessons; music appreciation; music theory

Playing guitar together

When a certain level is reached, a 4-week course is organised for students to play together and in groups. This will help in many ways; the following are a few:-

            Know what to do before starting to play together

            Recognise the importance of knowing how to read music notation well

            Appreciate that keeping the same beat is very important when playing with others


When this course is held, students will attend their usually weekly lesson as well. So, just for one month, they will come twice.

For classical guitar students, I organise these courses as well. Students will play in duos, trios and even quartets.

For advanced electric guitar students, these courses take the form of playing in a virtual band!!

Through experience, these courses are considered to be both useful, educational and fun -  for both children and adults alike!!